Include the Co-Pilot 360 Suite in Your Lincoln Continental

As you are perusing the various vehicles out there and you start to learn more about what is available with the Lincoln Continental, you will come across information on the Co-Pilot 360. This is a suite of some of the most advanced technology to ever grace a Lincoln vehicle, and it provides a range of benefits for drivers. It could be one of the features that helps you make the decision to make a Continental your next vehicle. Let’s look at what it contains.

Pre-Collision Assist

One of the best features of the suite is the Automatic Emergency Braking, or AEB. This has the potential to help prevent or reduce the severity of accidents in some situations. This makes use of radar, as well as the camera technology in the vehicle to scan the road. Whenever the system sees that there is another vehicle, if it appears that a collision could occur, your car will provide a collision warning. If the driver doesn’t do anything, the brakes will be automatically applied.

Lane-Keeping System

You will find that this system can be another benefit. It uses a camera that is mounted just behind the rearview mirror in the windshield to monitor the lane markings on the road. It then works with the vehicle to detect any drifting toward the outside lane that is not intended and will send an alert and even use the steering system to help you stay in the lane. This has the potential to help avoid accidents.

Blind Spot Detection and Cross-Traffic Alert

These are some other features in the Co-Pilot 360 suite that are sure to be welcome in your life. These tools are there to help make sure that you notice vehicles that you would not see otherwise. The system uses radar in the rear quarter panels of the vehicle, which has the capability to notice vehicles that are approaching from either side of you. This can help when you are backing out of your driveway or a parking spot, for example. If the system detects a vehicle that is up to 15 yards away, you will receive an audio warning and a visual display in the side rearview mirror and a signal in the message center.


The vehicle also uses a Heads-Up Display system. You will be able to determine exactly what data you want to display on the HUD. You can adjust the position of HUD, as well, and because it is the largest and brightest of these types of displays in its class, it should always be easy to see.

Make Your Choice Today

These are only some of the fantastic features that you will find with the system and with this vehicle. The Co-Pilot 360 helps to make the Lincoln Continental a fantastic vehicle. Learn more about why you may want to choose this car and this suite for your next purchase and find one at a dealership near you now!

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