Explore the Intuitive Technology Features of the Lincoln MKC

People today really do love their technology, and they want to make sure that any vehicle they get will integrate with the tech they already have. Of course, they also want to be sure that there are plenty of great tech features that are already available with the vehicle they choose to buy. With the Lincoln MKC, you will find that there are some fantastic standard features that you are sure to love and many available options to upgrade your connectivity. It’s time that we looked a bit closer at what these are and how they might be able to help you.

What is Sync 3?

Most people today have smartphones and it helps to have a vehicle that has some sort of hands-free integration for convenience and safety. With Sync 3, you will find an easy-to-use voice activated technology in the vehicle. The system reacts quickly and it has a smartphone-like touchscreen that you can use to navigate if needed. This makes is possible to use a wide range of apps that are fully integrated with the system during every drive.

Thanks to Apple CarPlay, it is possible to use Siri to interact with your iPhone. For those who have Android phones, there is Android integration system that can be used instead. These features allow you to connect to the elements of your phone that you need to access including making calls. With the Sync 3 navigation piece, it is easier than ever to get to your next destination.

Connecting with Alexa from Your MKC

It is even possible to connect with Amazon’s Alexa in your MKC. If you have an Alexa system set up in your home, you will be able to control various smart devices in your home right from your vehicle. For example, you could control the garage door, thermostats, lighting, and other elements of the home. When everything is this seamless, you can spend more time focusing on the important tasks of your day.

Driver-Assisting Technology

The Lincoln MKC also provides a wide range of assistive technology for drivers including the active park assist. Sensors in the vehicle help to make parallel parking far easier. This feature will help you pick out a parking space that will work with the SUV at the push of a button. Not only that, but the active park assist will operate the wheel as you are parking. However, you stay in control of acceleration, shifting, and braking.

Another one of the assistive features is the lane-keeping system. This will provide an alert to let you know if the vehicle is drifting out of the lane. Other features that are available include automatic emergency braking, a Blind Spot information system with Cross Traffic Alert, and a rearview camera that comes standard on the vehicle.

Naturally, with all of the great technology and other benefits that the Lincoln MKC can offer, it could very well be the next vehicle that you want to take home. Find the perfect trim for your needs and experience true connectivity and the latest technology today!

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